Dr. Prateek Nayak

  1. COVID-19 Masks have made it hard for people with hearing impaired?

Answer: Anyone with Hearing Loss will have difficulty with Muffled Speech due to mask as it cut down the ability to connect or lip-read, as when people speak while wearing the mask the High Pitch speech sounds are reduced by about 4-12dB and reduces hearing by about 30%.

Solution: Most of Hearing aids have a feature called Mask Mode which enables the Hearing Aid users to understand speech better by reducing background noise and focusing more on speech sounds.

  1. Social distancing has made it difficult to understand speech for the hearing impaired?

Answer: As social distancing reduces the volume of speech as the audibility drops by 6-12 dB, it makes the speech distanced and feel isolated from the conversation.

Solution: Use of Hearing aids in such listening environments with the required amount of amplification leads to a better understanding of speech even in distance.

  1. Obstacles faced by hearing-impaired individuals to reach the professional?

Answer: Due to the restricted movement during pandemics, it’s been very difficult for individuals with hearing impairment. Henceforth “Tele-audiology” plays a vital role wherein live interactions with respect to audiological services can be addressed such as Assessment, Rehabilitation, Troubleshooting of hearing and hearing aid devices can be ruled out.

  1. Telephonic conversations have been creating confusion for the hearing impaired?

Answer: Due to the lockdown and social distancing in the COVID-19 era, all activities need to be done through phones or online, which is affecting the social, mental, and work profiles of the hearing impaired.

Most of the hearing aids are Bluetooth enabled, which helps you to connect to your smartphones, TVs, Computers, tablets and many more. Having Bluetooth in your Hearing aid helps you to connect with your friends, family and the world in greater ways.

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