What is after care test?

Hearing aid cleaning and servicing is highly essential and  important for the hearing aids not only to maintain high performance but also to minimize your day to day problems relating to hearing aids. At Hearing Health Care Clinic, we provide you with a lifetime after care services.

We not only provide you a hearing aid cleaning and servicing but also train you on how to use it and take proper care of it and prevent it from any damages. Some of the important after care services Hearing Health Care Clinic Provides are:


Our audiologists will help you in programming the hearing device right. At frequent intervals we will help to program the device based on your hearing requirements. Self-Programming is difficult and can sometimes cause problems to your hearing. It is always advised to get the programming done by the experienced audiologists to keep your hearing aid safe and long lasting.

Follow ups:

We will schedule regular follow ups to know if you are facing any problem with the hearing aid. We will regularly schedule calls to know if you are able to use the hearing aid without any discomfort. We will always have a track to know if you are feeling discomfort or any issues and not using the hearing and help you out with the best solution to the problem.

Hearing device service:

Every six months hearing aid has to be sent to the company for its regular service. We at Hearing Health Care Clinic will never miss communicating to our customers about the  Hearing aid cleaning and servicing of the device. We will inform our patients in advance with the details so that they do not miss getting their hearing aids serviced. We will have reminder calls till the last moment to keep the customers updated.


We will train our customers how to use the hearing aid to get rid of their hearing loss problem. We will give all the necessary training and techniques how to clean the device or how to handle the device. For instances you are not allowed to wear gearing aid while swimming, showering etc. all this information will be given to the Customers at the time of purchase. Our audiologist will demo the hearing aid cleaning and maintenance.


Our well-trained staff will assist you in the maintenance of the hearing aid cleaning and servicing. We will have a timely check for the batteries, tubes, earmold etc. We help you with replacing batteries, cleaning earmolds, hearing aid tube and the wax filters, for the durability and better performance of the hearing device.

At Hearing Health Care Clinic Our motto is patients satisfaction. we give our best not only at the time of treatment or purchase but also after that. With all the above services offered as after care we have gathered patients trust and belief towards HHCC.

Our staff with a positive attitude and helping nature is always available to help the patients and resolve their problems and hearing aid cleaning and servicing to make their lives easy.