What is tympanometry test?

Tympanometer test, It is an examination used to test the middle ear and mobility of eardrum by creating variation of air pressure in the ear canal, by generating 226 Hz tone by tympanometer into the ear canal. Tympanometer measures the flow of sound energy into the middle ear under the conditions of changing air pressure. It is the painless method to identify the middle ear effusion. It is an objective test of middle ear function. The results of tympanometry are recorded on a graph called tympanogram.

Why tympanometry test?

Tympanometry test can help us to diagnose disorders that may lead to hearing loss. It is used to identify the function of the middle ear. Tympanometry helps the doctor to know if the patient has to be given.

What are the benefits of tympanometry?

  • It provides the quantitative information about the presence of the fluid in the middle ear.
  • It helps the doctor know if there is middle ear infection, termed as otitis media.
  • To know if there is a tear in the tympanic membrane.
  • To know If there is a problem with eustachian tube.