Boothless Audiometer
Introducing the KUDUwave™

A complete Boothless Audiometer mobile audiological Diagnostic and Screening system for precision testing without a Boothless. Completely contained inside a lightweight headset (0.432 Kg), the KUDUwave™ replaces expensive static hardware, making it the most cost Powerful system on the market today. Plug & Play (USB) hardware and our Windows®-established Applications provide accurate, fast, intuitive operation and easy setup and compliant testing.


The KUDUwave™ employs Ambi-Dome™ noise blocking technology, that eliminates the need for a soundproof booth and makes the KUDUwave™ the first integrated mobile audiology system of its kind.



Kuduwave Prime

KUDUwave™ Prime:

The KUDUwave™ Prime provide a pure tone air conduction testing tool and is the ideal screening instrument for occupational health practitioners and high volume industrial, wellness day screening.

Kuduwave PlusKUDUwave™ Plus:

The KUDUwave™ Plus configuration include both pure tone air and bone conduction with masking and Speech, which makes it the best all rounder for audiologists Practitioners, ENT specialists, clinics and health.

Kuduwave ProKUDUwave™ Pro:

The KUDUwave™ Pro includes all of the features and but add frequencies up to 16 kHz to the tool-set. Essential for monitoring related hearing loss (ototoxicity) and early hearing loss detection for preventative care.

The KUDUwave™ Pro is used nationally in government MDR-TB programs, as well as various research programs globally.


Product Features :

  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Telemedicine enabled
  • Plug & play USB device
  • Easy to use interface
  • Ambi-Dome™ technology, with Active Noise Monitoring
  • Talk forward
  • Manual tone threshold testing (Air, Bone, Masking, MCL, UCL)
  • Integrated speech audiometry (Speech
  • Automatic diagnostic tone thresholds testing  (Air, Bone, Masking, MCL, UCL)
  • High frequendes up to 16 kHz (configuration or upgrade)
  • Digital frequency accuracy and volume
  • Air conduction maximum 110 dBHL in midrange frequencies
  • Dual channel with zero crosstalk
  • Forehead bone conduction maximum 70 dBHL in midrange frequencies ( Plus and Prime Configurations)
  • Narrow Wand noise masking
  • Automatic non-test ear masking for air and bone conduction
  • Integrated speech audiometry (Speech Discrimination, Speech Reception Threshold)
  • Preloaded balanced word lists calibrated for intensity
  • Customisable test protocols with macros

Boothless Audiometer

Boothless Audiometer Kuduwave Product Features
Boothless Audiometry VS Audiometry Without A Sound Booth
Kuduwave Comparison
Kuduwave comparison 2
Tympanometer Coming Soon...

KUDUwave™ TMP is an upgrade or addition to KUDUwave devices that integrate tympanometry functionality into the KUDUwave headset. KUDUwave™ TMP offers twice the value of any standard audiometer by providing a dual tympanometer integrated into each KUDUwave ear cup.

The KUDUwave™ TMP is available at the point of purchasing new KUDUwave™ devices and/or as an upgrade to an existing KUDUwave device.

Boothless Audiometer Tympanometer
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